• Configure Raspberry directly with us or select another available option.

  • The operating system that will be installed on Raspberry.

  • Bonus NFS Backup Disk service - everyone has one gigabyte for free.


Configure your own Raspberry Pi which we can prepare according to selected parameters. You can choose from a variety of parameters:

Configurator according selected parameters calculates cost Raspberry Pi hosting and possibly cost for purchased Raspberry Pi. The price of the purchased Raspberry Pi includes items such as selected memory card and USB cable for connection. After paying the Raspberry Pi becomes your property. All other components (Freya Redundant Power Supply USB, internet connectivity 100Mb/100Mb unlimited bandwidth, backup UPS, ...) you will get from us. You can choose the option of sending your own Raspberry Pi into our datacenter. For connecting your own equipment must be sent not only the device itself, but also a memory card with the configured OS and the assigned IP address.

Cloud storage

For each ordered Raspberry Pi hosted , you will get 1 GB NFS Backup Disk for free directly connected to your device for the realization of your backups. You can choose more space everything depends only on you.

Have fun with the Raspberry Pi and quality service at minimal cost from us :-)

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