• Configure Raspberry directly with us or select another available option.

  • The operating system that will be installed on Raspberry.

  • Bonus NFS Backup Disk service - everyone has one gigabyte for free.

Why choose our Raspberry Pi hosting solution?

In an age of constant technological advancement, it is crucial to have hosting that is powerful, flexible and affordable. Our Raspberry Pi hosting service provides just that. Equipped with a 32GB SD card, our Raspberry Pi gives you a compact and efficient platform for a variety of applications, from personal websites to small business projects.


1. Buy a Raspberry Pi from us: In this option, the price includes both the Raspberry Pi hardware and a year's hosting.
2. Send your own Raspberry Pi: If you wish to use your own hardware, we only charge an annual hosting fee.

In both cases, the price is calculated based on one year of hosting, which gives you the certainty of price predictability and efficiency for your project or business.

Operating system

Choose the operating system that best suits your needs - whether it's Raspbian, Ubuntu, or another system for Raspberry Pi. Our solution is designed for technical flexibility and scalability. Start with a smaller project and expand as needed.

VPS Servers

If our Raspberry Pi solution is not enough for you in the future, you can easily upgrade to more powerful AMD Epyc virtual servers with an NVMe SSD disk array for more performance and capacity for larger projects. Technical support is available for any questions or help with the transition.
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