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VPS Configurator


  • Disk on demand can be divided into multiple sections.

  • Space useful for manual backups.

  • For each VPS is one IP automatically free of charge.

  • Less worries for a better price.

    • (without VAT)

We have powerful servers that are hosted in our own data center.

Our data center hosts virtual servers that utilize powerful AMD Epyc servers and NVMe SSD disk arrays, ensuring the highest performance available on the market. The servers are connected to the internet using 10Gb optical connectivity.

IPv4 a IPv6 address

Each VPS comes with one free IPv4 address, which allows for normal operation of web hosting, mail server, FTP server, ... Additionally, IPv6 addresses in the /112 range are automatically provided with the VPS.


The administration provides a KVM interface for the VPS server. This is useful in case you are unable to access the server via IP address.

Root access

You have full control over the VPS server with root access, allowing you to make any necessary system settings, install updates, and add new modules without restrictions.

Guaranteed operating memory size

The virtual server's operating memory is guaranteed, meaning that the RAM size is not shared with any other VPS. You will receive the exact amount of RAM you ordered.
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