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Datacentre for your server in Hradec Kralove

We offer own datacenter space for the location of your server. It can be both classic server 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U ... so MidiTower, MidleTower etc. Servers are connected by optical quality connection. If you hesitate you can contact us or to come and take a look.

We provide measurement of real power consumption

Output of server resources often may not match actual consumption. To be able to offer customers an adequate price for their real consumption on delivery we measure server performance under its normal operation. If you have already measured server performance such as self-measuring device, select the consumption set in the configurator below.

  • Size server in U or MidiTower.

  • We measure the performance of your resources. Do not pay more than you have to!

  • One free IPv4 address + 1 * /64 IPv6 for free

  • Less worries for a better price.

  • There is space for any questions and requests to a server housing.

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