How to pay for ordered services?

 After your domain or hosting order is complete in another email is sent to you also an invoice in PDF format, which contains all the necessary information to properly and timely pay such as: variable symbol of payment, date of issue and the total amount.If you order registration of a new… All article

What is a domain and domain registration?

 Domain is the basic unit of the Internet that represents a specific IP address (naříklad 82.100.xx.xx). For users it is certainly easier to access on the web site or FTP interface through a written address before typing four numbers.Domains are divided by level:first domain level - the… All article

Can I really have my own domain and web hosting under 1000CZK per year?

Yes  you can! We have NO LIMIT webhosting for only 19CZK per month and Czech domain will cost you only 196CZK for one year.The total cost of your website is now only 424CZK without VAT per year and it is significantly below 1000CZK.For your hosting you can now get pre-installed CMS,… All article

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