VPS Snapshot NOW

Use Snapshot NOW you no longer have worry about updating the virtual server, you do not have to worry about editing the configuration or installing new important components. Just before important events apply for a VPS backups (snapshots NOW) to at any time during the next seven days to restore the VPS to its original configuration.

With service Snapshot Now you get:

  • maximum security advances the current state of VPS,
  • unlimited number of restoration to its original condition,
  • Snapshot storage for 7 days,
  • complete mirror image of the virtual server
  • good price for a service.

Have you decided that this service is precisely for your needs? Here's how the whole process is done:

  • you order from the administration with your VPS Snapshot NOW,
  • after payment you will receive confirmation email about backup of a virtual server (Snapshot NOW)
  • during the next 7 days, you can count with restoring a backed up state
  • if it was necessary to use a backup just contact support such as Authorized requirement.

If you use a combination of payment method GoPay you can have your Snapshot NOW in a few minutes. You do not have to worry that your VPS is too big. For all configurations that we provide is an equal rate.

Order Snapshot NOW

To create a snapshot of your VPS you need to be logged into your administration. Snapshot must be ordered for a specific virtual server.