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 MySQL access do not sent data. You create them in the client section (administration) after login. Form for lost access data to client section find here.

1. MySQL name (MySQL User name):
is generated automatically by the system and can not be changed.
2. MySQL password (MySQL Password)
delete the placeholders in the password box and replace either generated suggestion or enter your own, in both cases, be sure to change the Save button to save the changes. Warning: password will always be hidden for security reasons, so please make a note of it in your safe storage. In case of lost password you have to create a new password!
3. MySQL database name (MySQL database name):
The database can be operated on our servers in MySQL version 5.x database name is generated by the system and can not be changed to the user shape.
4. MySQL server:
Database server address is: mysql.best hosting.cz-and-mysql.best net.cz
Common mistakes:
Do not use mysql_pconnect, but mysql_connect!!
Do not use localhost, but mysql.best-hosting.cz or older mysql.best-net.cz!!
Sample setting credentials in PHP MySQL script:
$ Mysql_server = "mysql.best-hosting.cz";
$ Mysql_db = "database name";
$ Mysql_user = "username";
$ MYSQL_PASSWORD = "password";

$ Link = mysql_connect ($ mysql_server, $ mysql_user, $ MYSQL_PASSWORD);
if (! $ link) {
    die ("Not Connected". mysql_error ());

$ Db_selected = mysql_select_db ($ mysql_db, $ link);
if (! $ db_selected) {
    die ("Not Applicable". mysql_error ());
Of course this is only a basic example. For clear and fast work with a MySQL database in PHP, we recommend to use "Ultimate MySQL Wrapper Class" or better Dibi. For help with using MySQL Ultimate Class you can visit right now.
Dibi currently supports the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, Access and generic ODBC and PDO.
To work with databases we offer interface of phpMyAdmin.
MySQL version> 5.0: http://mysql.best-hosting.cz

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