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 After your domain or hosting order is complete in another email is sent to you also an invoice in PDF format, which contains all the necessary information to properly and timely pay such as: variable symbol of payment, date of issue and the total amount.

If you order registration of a new domain, then it is strongly recommended not to hesitate and make payment immediately upon receipt of the request for payment. Domain reservation order does not arise reservation just for you. Registration rules do not allow to make a reservation domain before payment and therefore we can not even offer it to you. When registering new domains applies: „who first pay he will own the domain. „

In other cases, we recommend to send payment no later than the day before the due date, so that the total amount credited to our bank account no later than the due date. The due date is really not meant to date when you send payment. Only the timely and proper payment you avoid any problem relating to the operation of your domain and web content.

In case you call for payment to your e-mail received, you can download it later in the Payments section and after logging in to the administration (customer section). In case you forgot your login information follow the help here: I do not have login information, how can I get it?

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