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 Domain is the basic unit of the Internet that represents a specific IP address (naříklad 82.100.xx.xx). For users it is certainly easier to access on the web site or FTP interface through a written address before typing four numbers.

Domains are divided by level:

  • first domain level - the highest so-called top-level domain (TLD) or national domain, for example. CZ,. EU. COM, etc.
  • second domain level - immediately after the national domain, such as best-hosting.cz
  • third domain level - for example domena.best-hosting.cz
For business on the Internet today shows that important is to have your own domain name, especially from marketing and prestige reasons. Do you not have prepared your own website and you fear that someone will occupy your domain? Sign up for any number of domains, and we will be parking them on our servers for free. BEST-HOSTING.cz offers the possibility of operating its own domain at an unbeatable price on fast servers plus in the cost of hosting for any domain are mailboxes and databases.

For each order, you also have the choice of many open source applications on your domain that we will install and set up.

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